The Ultimate Copywriting Resource List

Let’s cut the shit!

You’re on this page because you want to become an elite copywriter…

However, you don’t want to spend the next 3 years suffering from trial and error…

You simply want to get it right.

The FIRST time around!

And it’s because of that reason that waves of people have been asking me…

“What books should I read?”

“Where should I learn?”

“Who should I listen to?”

“How do I shorten the learning curve?”

So rather than re-write my answer 1,001 times, I’ve put together the list below.

And YES!… These are the materials I would study (In order) if I was starting from ground zero.



Knowledge-Saturated Books…


1) Scientific AdvertisingBy Claude Hopkins

2) Tested Advertising Methods 4th EditionBy John Caples

3) How To Write A Good Advertisement By Victor Schwab

4) The Boron LettersBy Gary Halbert

5) The Robert Collier Letter BookBy Robert Collier

6) Breakthrough AdvertisingBy Eugene Schwartz

7) The Gary Halbert Letter (All Back issues)By Gary Halbert

8) And, of course… all my videos!



Read These Ads & Letters With A Microscope…


1) Coat Of Arms LetterBy Gary Halbert

2) Dollar Bill Letter By Gary Halbert

3) Royal Riviera Pears AdBy Harry & David

4) How To Win Friends And Influence People AdBy Victor Schwab

5) School Of Music AdBy John Caples

6) TV Manual Guide Ad By Eugene Schwartz

7) Rolls Royce Ad – By David Ogilvy

8) Confessions Of An Advertising Man AdBy David Ogilvy

9) Do You Make These Mistakes In English? Ad – By Mack Sackheim

10) The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches AdBy Joe Karbo

11) Chinese Medicine AdBy Eugene Schwartz

12) Black Jack Secrets AdBy Gary Halbert

13) Blu-Blocker AdBy Joe Sugarman

14) Interview Questions AdBy Gary Bencivenga

15) Stock And Bond Ad – By Louis Engel

And, the list could on forever!…

However, I’ll leave you with these priceless masterpieces for the time being.

TIP: Once you’ve read all these proptions at least 3 times each….

Write each one out by hand.

“Why?” you ask.

Simply, by handwriting these promotions word for word…

You’ll start to re-wire your brain to think the way these copywriting titans do.

This is a step not everyone will take, and it’s one crucial reason as to why not everyone is world-class!


It’s time to get to work!

All the best,

Lachie “The Sales Sensei” Pior.

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